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CareOcarpet Professional Services Auckland promises to provide your carpet, rugs and upholstery the best possible cleaning using modern non-toxic and eco-friendly techniques. Keeping up with our first priority of customer satisfaction, we aim to deliver the finest carpet cleaning at your house or office which not only enhances the beauty of the carpets but also extends their lives.

Your carpet has to suffer most wear and tear on a daily basis than any other non-living thing of your sweet house. Every day they have to face lots of soil and grit coming in with your and your guests' feet which consistently damage its fibers leaving your carpet dull and lifeless.

Our professional carpet cleaners use latest technology to make your carpets dust and soil free without cutting corners or damaging them physically. Our professionals also make sure that they not only clean the dirt but also take all the shampoo residue and water out of the carpet.

We cover all kinds of carpet cleanings such as Stain Removal, Clean to Blend, Full Carpet Clean, Soil Resistant Finishes and Carpet Protection. All these services require different kinds of equipment and have different charges. We can also assure you to provide competitive charges for our every service.

We can assure you that you would fall in love with our services once we would be done with the cleaning of your carpet as it would not only begin to shine but would begin spreading a lovely fragrance that would please your heart.

Carpet Cleaning Methods

Hot Water Extraction

This is the most common and efficient way of cleaning a carpet. This method is also known as steam cleaning. In this method, our professionals use machines that spray heated water and chemicals on the carpet and at the same time the machine also vacuums the sprayed water, chemical as well as dirt to clean most types of carpets.

Dry Compound Method

This method requires eco-friendly agents which are evenly spread over the carpet and then a machine is used to brush the applied agent to the carpet. In this process, the substance takes out all the dirt from the carpet and makes it dry and clean.

Our cleaning services would provide your carpet enhanced life, freedom from dirt, debris, stains and growth of harmful bacteria. It would also help in maintaining a pleasant surroundings with beautiful home appurtenance. We also promise to deliver hygienic cleaning and a sterilized effect to your carpet which would last long.

Being a local service provider in Auckland, we understand each and every problem of your home and office carpets very well which makes us best choice for your service. The other reason behind choosing us can be our cost-effectiveness which is undoubtedly matchless for any other service provider delivering results as we do.

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CareoCarpet carpet cleaning in Auckland provides your carpet best possible cleaning using modern non-toxic and eco-friendly techniques.