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Water damage can be of small as well as very large sizes as it can be caused because of a small leakage or a huge flood situation. Water issues should be dealt with as soon as possible because with time they keep enhancing the amount of damage to your property.

We at Care-O-Carpet specialize in delivering flood restoration services across Auckland. We have a very well balanced and experienced team of professionals who have the latest technology equipment to tackle any kind of flood damage.

Before availing the flood restoration service, everyone should know the losses of water damage. Apart from corroding your property, water also gives birth to unwanted and harmful bacteria in your residential or commercial buildings which can cause health issues in future. If not dealt quickly, walls absorb too much amount of water and become weaker. Flood can also create life-threatening situations in case of getting into any electrical component.

Upon arrival, Our qualified technicians conduct testing and moisture detection to perfectly diagnose the cause and severity of water damage and apply the remedial process accordingly.

After removing the flood water, Our technicians use high speed air movers to speed up the drying process.

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