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Terms & Conditions


The content of the pages of this website is for your general information and use only. Care-o-Carpet professional services (“Care-o-Carpet”) reserve the right to change or amend these terms and conditions at any time without notice. By ordering/booking any services or goods from Care-o-Carpet professional services by any means, you agree to these terms and conditions.


All quotations which are been provided by Care-o-Carpet professional services are valid in writing only and for a period of 30 days from the date provided. All quotations are exclusive of the services taxes unless agreed to in writing. The Customer shall be liable to pay GST to Care-o-Carpet Professional services in respect of goods and services provided at the earlier of the date of Invoice or the time of supply.

Change in Scope:

If there seems to be change of work as inspected by Care-o-Carpet professionals upon visiting the site for the agreed service (In terms of area, condition or any other factor that might affect “but not limited to” time, labor or use of cleaning supplies) then the quotation will be deemed to be immediately withdrawn and the “customer/client/service user” will be provided with a new quotation.

Claims and Acceptance:

Any claim request against Care-o-Carpet professional services must be made within 48 hours from the service completed by us. If the customer notifies Care-o-Carpet within 48 hours period, then the customer must allow Care-o-Carpet Representatives or staff to enter the site within 18 hours of the notification so as to rectify those concerns. If the customer does not provide this within the given timeframe then the customer is deemed to have accepted all the Services.


Apart from the above mentioned exclusions, However in case of conflicts to the Customer then the maximum aggregate liability of Care-o-Carpet professional services to the customer shall be limited in aggregate to the lesser of $300 or the actual sum as paid by the Customer to Care-o-Carpet professional services, for the services in respect of which the liability arises.

Lighting, Power & Water Services:

The Customers opting for Care-o-Carpet services shall be solely responsible for providing all necessary utilities including on-site lighting, power and water as required. We won’t be liable for incomplete workmanship due to any of the above mentioned utilities not being fully and freely available.


Payments for goods and/or any services provided as agreed are immediately due upon completion of the services request. Payments shall be made immediately in cleared funds free of any deduction. The Customer will be liable to pay interest at the default rate of 1.5% per month (calculated on a daily basis) on any amounts unpaid to Care-o-carpet from the due date of payment until the date of payment and despite any intervening judgement.

Equipment Insurance:

Care-o-Carpet professional services provide a range of equipment's which may remain on the Customer’s site. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that these equipments are not at risk. In case of damage, or loss, the Customer shall be liable for the loss of equipment (including, without limitation, loss by theft).

Fading, Stains, Shrinkage (Fabrics and Carpets):

Care-o-carpet won’t be liable in case of any deteriorated fabrics, color loss, splitting, fraying or loose worn fibers. Care-o-Carpet professionals take reasonable care and skill with their Customer’s goods and uses top-of line products during their services.

Customer’s Goods:

It is the sole responsibility of Customer to secure all goods, electronic equipment and fragile items prior to any service being commenced. Although Care-o-Carpet does not move any heavy items and any heavy item that is required to be moved is the Customer’s responsibility to do so. In that situation, those heavy items will be cleaned around.

Consumer Guarantee Act 1993:

The Customer acknowledges where the services of Care-o-Carpet are being supplied for trade or business purposes, the provisions under the Consumers Guarantees Act 1993 (“Act”) shall not apply. However, if the Customer is a consumer (as defined in the Act), the provisions of the Act apply.


The Customers may cancel or reschedule a service by providing 24 hours’ notice to Care-o-Carpet. If the cancellation time provided is less than 24 hours, a cancellation fee of $60 plus GST will be applicable.

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