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Care-O-Carpet Auckland promises to provide best upholstery and soft furnishing cleaning service across the entire region. Our experienced cleaning professionals use the latest technology and equipment of the industry to enhance the life of your furniture.

Taking care of every aspect of safe and durable cleaning, we deliver best results for our customers. Despite thoroughly cleaning your furniture, we can assure you of no wear and tear to the fabric of the furniture. After completing the cleaning of your furniture, you would not only feel an adorable fragrance in the premises but would also witness its restored appearance.

Upon arrival, Our qualified technicians thoroughly assess your upholstery furniture and determine the best upholstery cleaning method depending upon the size and the shape of your upholstery.

Our customer first policy always impresses our clients as we never back out on any requests made by them. Just to keep our clients satisfied and happy, we have also maintained a record of never reaching late on any appointment.

After receiving a cleaning request from you, we would contact you personally to confirm the date of service delivery. Once the date is confirmed, one of our professionals would call you at 8 am in the morning to confirm the time. After we reach at your home or office premises, you can rest assured that your furniture is going to have a reincarnation.

Despite giving the unwanted bacteria’s in your furniture a hard time during our cleaning process, we make sure that the chemicals or machinery used don't leave anything harmful for you, your children or pets. Soft water technique is the method used by our professionals to completely eradicate cleaning agents, oils, bacteria’s and pet dander’s from your luxurious furniture.

There are two types of upholstery cleaning – wet and dry.If the fabric used in your expensive furniture is very soft and possesses the risk of getting torn, we will use wet cleaning method for proper cleaning. Dry method is also a very effective way of cleaning the upholstery but is used rarely.

We never risk the hygiene of our customers, their kids, pets or employees in our cleaning process and make sure that we are using only those cleaning products that don't have any drawbacks.

After completing the cleaning, our technicians would again review the entire upholstery to make sure nothing is left to be taken care of. Once they are fully satisfied with their work, they would call upon you to check if you want anything else. We value your feedback at the end of service and is of utmost importance to us.

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CareoCarpet carpet cleaning in Auckland provides your carpet best possible cleaning using modern non-toxic and eco-friendly techniques.